Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio

Bay / Oslo Mirror Trio was founded in San Francisco in January 2008 and was continued the following autumn with a Norway tour. Since then, Mirror trio has performed whenever the core members schedule have crossed paths.
The crew is as the name implies, a mirror line-of 2x double bass, electric guitar and 2x 2x drums. The project has a floating crew (but fixed instrumentation) as where and when they meet, but a core crew has always been Guro Skumsnes Moe, Jacob Felix Heule, Håvard Skaset and Tony Dryer.

Mirror trio have been accomplished with musicians such as:
Ava Mendoza; guitar, Håvard Volden; guitar, Gino Robair; drums/perc, Kyrre Laastad; drums/perc, Corey Fogel; drums/perc,