Angels 9

In 2007 Martin Küchen formed the Angles 6.
First CD "Every woman is a tree" released in 2008; a live recording from Stockholm done in 2007, made on the ensemble´s second gig ever...
In 2010 "Epileptical West". Another live recording from Coimbra, Portugal made in 2009 at the Jazz Ao Centro Festival.
In 2012 "By way of Deception", recorded live in Ljubljana @ Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2011. This time with ANGLES 8.

And now we have ANGLES 9!! A band that in October 2012 had its double premier in both Stockholm and Hasselt, Belgium.

ANGLES 6 has performed at Nattjazz, Bergen, Norway, Ring- Ring, Belgrade, Serbia, CerknoJazz, Cerkno, Slovenia, Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere, Finland, Umeå Jazz Festival, Umea, Sweden, Jazz Ao Centro, Coimbra, Portugal, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Slovenia

jazz, melodramatic experimental rockish silence - and other hyper modern diseases -