Andreas Backer

The music is improvised by one acoustic voice within a large scale of technics, dynamics and musical expressions. Inspired by European impro, free jazz, folk music, contemporary classical music and more.

The last five years, Backer has toured and given improvised solo concerts in the Nordic countries and Europe. Spring 2014 he also released the improvised album “Eye of the Moose” with the impro group Hot Four, which received great reviews. Backer has also released several other own albums, as well as participated on different releases within the styles of impro, modern jazz, singer songwriting and more.

Said about "Eye of the Moose":
“Together the four dive, head on, into a thick, intense exploration of various dynamics, textures and timbres. The notion of playing music receives a new meaning with these highly resourceful musicians. They enjoy the innocent and often eccentric, unattached to any musical conventions. A game-like process of playing— finding and inventing sounds, shaping and mutating these sounds, collides these sounds without any preconceived ideas what might happen next, but react immediately to these sonic occurrences. Songs are performed with a rare collaborative and emphatic manner.
There is a delicate balance between all four players on the first, title-piece, that embraces a gentle flow of wordless, stream-of-consciousness vocals by Backer. This interplay changes course to one that is more dense on “Antler of the Moose,” where they establish a nervous, rhythmic world of sound. Nothing is conventional, not human vocals or those produced using extended techniques on drum skins, cymbals, or guitar and double bass bodies and strings. Still, it all sounds organic, nuanced and surprisingly coherent. This inventive, collective improvisation rests and adapts a spare, strangely distant and quiet interplay on “Claw of the Moose,” before the quartet finishes the live set with another arresting, noisy outburst.
A highly original and inventive quartet.”
- Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

"The level of activity & interaction yields a compelling mix of individual & group conception, making Eye of the Moose consistently appealing. Although the other three musicians fill out the quartet admirably, the star is clearly Backer & his vocal technique: His voice does not dominate the sonority, and might move in & out of textures, but it is active & draws the ear. There is nothing in the way of traditional lyrics (words), or (rock, etc.) screaming: The voice fits the idea of a chamber instrument in this quartet (think clarinet, perhaps, not saxophone), with its stream of soft & strange sounds. Although there’s some precedent with e.g. Jaap Blonk, Backer’s vocalization technique is definitely his own. Combine that imaginative technique with rich improvised quartet interaction, and you’ve got a highly compelling first album from these young musicians.”
- Todd McComb’s Jazz Thoughts,