Ørjan Matre and Rolf Borch

Ørjan Matre was born in Bergen in 1979 and studied compostition at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Bjørn Kruse, Lasse Thoresen, Olav Anton Thommessen and Henrik Hellstenius. Over the last five-six years Matre have received several commissions from leading musicians, ensembles and orchestras. Rolf Borch 1975 is also born in Bergen, and studied at the Academy with Hans Christian Bræin. In addition to a broad classical repertoire, Borch has a strong affinity for new music, resulting in some 90 premieres of new works for clarinet. The list of composers he has worked with is long and includes such names as Lachenmann, Ferneyhough, Oehring, Huber, Saariaho and Spahllinger.