Talking to Ivar Grydeland as we release 'Complete Spaghetti Edition Recordings' here at Subradar

In connection with the digital reissue of the “Complete Spaghetti Edition recordings” at Subradar, I called Ivar Grydeland, one of the founding members of the No Spaghetti Edition ensemble and co originator of the Sofa label.

I wanted to hear a little bit about their motivation for starting the ensemble and what their intentions where. With Ivar on the phone running some errands around Oslo it became a short but informative conversation.

22.05 / 2013

“Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach started No Spaghetti Edition, and after a short while I joined in organizing with them. The ensemble came from the scene around the now mythic club “Blå” in Oslo. Back then the No Spaghetti ensemble spanned several generations of improvisers including legendary bass figure Bjørnar Andresen and saxophonist Calle Neumann. The line up always changed for every project and the ensemble started out gathering improvisers from different parts of Norway including the likes of Håkon Kornstad, Maja Ratkje, Ingebrigt Flaten and Frode Haltli. Eventually there was a shift towards European collaborations with included Xavier Charles, Phil Minton, Martin Tétreault and Michel Doneda among others.

One of the main ideas with the ensemble was to investigate a large group improvising. We always worked with collective improvisation. But on the other hand it was the three of us (Grydeland/Kluften/Zach) that decided the line ups, and thus also shaped the direction of the ensemble.

Another important aspect of No Spaghetti Edition was to connect with new musicians, and build new working relationships. “Dans les arbres ” with Ivar Grydeland, Christian Wallumrød, Ingar Zach and Xavier Charles is an example of this. No Spaghetti was a nice way to approach people we wanted to work with.”

The ensemble also turned into a travelling festival at one point, including appearances in Buenos Aires, Athens, Barcelona, Stavanger and Oslo. The recordings often came as documentation of the processes and where often recorded at the end of the festivals, concerts or tours. That said we are now very happy to release all four recordings as high quality files for the first time on Subradar, enjoy!