Lossless- a Falbum by JAP

Assi Weitz and Rob Gradisen, members of music trio JAP and creators of Lossless, experiment with the format of film by trying to produce logic through form.

"Falbum" - a fusion of film and music album - is a new audio-visual format which they developed.

Unlike existing merges of audio and visual such as the music-video or the rarely seen concept album, which were transferred to a screen ("the Wall" by Pink Floyd, "stop making sense" by Talking heads), Lossless, JAP's new Falbum, complements the music of JAP's debut album Lossless in Los Angeles (2013 on subRON records).

03.01 / 2014

Offering an unconventional cinematic experience, Lossless translates the musical approach of the band to a film medium and deploy cinematic techniques in order to function properly within this medium.

To each of the six music tracks of the album Weitz and Gradisen created a conceptually, matching scene that can be best described as a recorded installation. The outcome is a seemingly random and abstract visual manifestation which gain an internal logic that is noticed by the spectator and understood as the film progresses.

Instead of presenting visual cues and typical structure that correspond with a meaning, Lossless puts the viewer's perception to test and questions the ability to "tell a story" in an abstract way and through a designed visual structure.