Gloss //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Copenhagen / Jens Benz Studio
Recording date: 
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Artwork design: 
Birk Horst
Recording engineer: 
Jens "Benz" Søndergaard
  • 1. Gloss (06:22)
  • 2. Marry or Hang (08:30)
  • 3. Dry Specimens Pinning (05:07)
  • 4. Peacock (07:20)
  • 5. Spit Shine (08:15)

Signe Dahlgren - saxophone
Karl Bjorå - guitar
Anders Vestergaard - drums

GLOSS is Yes Deer’s third album following their latest album “Get Your Glitter Jacket” from 2016. The multiscandinavian trio was formed in 2011 by Denmark-born but Sweden-based saxophonist Signe Dahlgren, Norwegian guitarist Karl Bjorå and Danish drummer Anders Vestergaard. Their music is a hard-hitting cacophonous free jazz variety, which on their two previous albums is shown with a crunchy and small-room kind of mix. However on this new album, the trio’s well known aggression is wrapped in a spacious and shiny layer of sonic gloss, that encompasses a broad range of influences and leaves the result a more peculiar expression.
GLOSS is recorded and mixed by Jens Benz (Iceage, Goodiepal etc.), mastered by Karl Klaseie, and with album artwork by Birk Horst.
YES DEER has toured extensively in Europe, Japan and North America and keeps on doing so...!