Act 5 //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recording date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012
Artwork design: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mastering engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mixing engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mikhail Ershov
Ilia Belorukov
Recording engineer: 
Ilia Belorukov
  • 1. Act 5.1 (40:00)
  • 2. Act 5.2 (40:00)
  • 3. Act 5.3 (40:00)
  • 4. Act 5.4 (40:00)
  • 5. Act 5.5 (40:00)

Ilia Belorukov - composition, laptop, electric-guitar, keyboards, voice, electronics
Mikhail Ershov - bass-guitar, electronics
Alexey Zabelin - drums & percussion

The eighth Intonema release is Act 5 by Wozzeck. This monumental work which lasted from 2010 to 2013 year will be released in the sixth birthday of the project: September 10-11 2013. This is as much as 200 minutes of playing time. The album contains 5 compositions by Ilia Belorukov that are united by one idea and performed as a trio with Mikhail Ershov and Alexey Zabelin. Monotony, meager growth and micro changes of a composition structure coupled with hidden surprises and sound changes from one part to the other - these are the basic properties of Act 5. Boring, tedious, interesting, entertaining, long, short, loud, quiet, fast, slow, why, how, what, where, who, whom.