Revolving rapidly around an axis //

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Recording date: 
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Artwork design: 
Elena Romenkova
Mixing engineer: 
Ole Jonas Storli
Recording engineer: 
Ole Jonas Storli
  • 1. Flurry (03:42)
  • 2. Circle (03:53)
  • 3. Pivot (07:50)
  • 4. Pirouette (01:10)
  • 5. Rotasjon (04:00)
  • 6. Birl (03:04)
  • 7. Orbit (03:58)
  • 8. Revolving rapidly around an axis (03:34)
  • 9. Sweep (02:28)

Whirl is a trio that features the legendary English reedist Tobias Delius (ICP orchestra) alongside the two young and active Norwegian improvisers Adrian Fiskum Myhr (Bergljot, Facet) and Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (Skadedyr, Lana trio). The three of them met for their first concert in Berlin 2012, and quickly realized that this was more than just another ad hoc meeting. Since then they have toured Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Norway and developed their strong musical connection.

Whirl plays expressive improvised music where explosive free jazz aesthetics are mixed with micro tonal timbral investigations in a fearless way. By omitting the drums from the “traditional” free jazz quartet set up, the trio get’s a fresh starting point, allowing for extremely dynamic improvised chamber music.

dENk is proud to release their debut cd “Revolving rapidly around an axis”, that was recorded in a studio in an old wooden house in Trondheim during a short tour of Norway last year. It contains nine improvised pieces with music spanning from free fall improvisations to seemingly composed parts.

Tobias Delius - tenor saxophone/clarinet
Adrian Fiskum Myhr - double bass
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone