Boss Of The Plains //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Izzy's Palace
Recording date: 
Monday, September 10, 2012
Special thanks to Valerie Keller, Isabella Adasiewicz, Vivian McBride, Steve Dawson, Mike Reed, Josh Berman, and Mitch Cocanig.
Mastering technician: 
Bob Weston / Chicago Mastering Service
Mixing technician: 
Bob Weston / Chicago Mastering Service
Recording technician: 
  • 1. Song Sex Part Juan (04:13)
  • 2. Song Hate (05:08)
  • 3. Song For (02:50)
  • 4. Song Juan (06:06)
  • 5. Song For Teens (11:13)
  • 6. Song Heaven (06:03)
  • 7. Song Fife (02:26)
  • 8. Song A-Team (02:55)
  • 9. Song Sex Part Choo (09:39)
  • 10. Song Tree (02:39)

Dave Rempis - alto/baritone saxophone
Jason Adasiewicz - vibes
Nate McBride - bass

Song Sex Part 1 04:13
Song Hate 05:08
Song For 02:50
Song Juan 06:06
Song For Teens 11:13
Song Heaven 06:03
Song Fife 02:26
Song A-Team 02:55
Song Sex Part 2 09:39
Song Tree 02:39

Wheelhouse was formed in the summer of 2005, when bassist Nate McBride relocated to Chicago from Boston, and was looking for some similarly-minded musicians with whom to work. Originally the band’s collaborative approach focused on playing each other’s compositions, but the trio moved away from that tack in 2008, pursuing a free-improvised approach instead. The slow simmer of their development over many years has allowed for an almost telepathic empathy between these players. All notable soloists and leaders on their own, in this context they pursue a more group-oriented sound where a leader emerges and retracts in unpredictable ways. Additionally, the lack of a drummer provides more sonic space and exposes many of the melodic and harmonic interactions that arise in the group, providing a setting that can move from passages that are remarkably austere, to ones that are highly energetic and dense. Boss of the Plains, their slow-cooked and long overdue debut, was made in October of 2010, and documents an improvising chamber group that occupies a distinct niche within the Chicago scene.