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Ausland, Berlin
Recording date: 
Sunday, February 1, 2009
  • 1. Shantung (25:48)
  • 2. Buckram (29:04)

Imagine an infinite army of closely mic-ed centipedes set loose in a cluttered shop brimming with
easily disturbed wooden and metallic junk. Yet, what seems like hundreds of shaking, rattling and
rolling objects is created live using only three acoustic instruments: guitar, double bass and drums. As
in Buck’s other band, the Necks, long pieces masterfully accumulate and shift dense textures of
complex pointillistic activity. Overwhelming in detail, paradoxically both exhilarating and meditative.
Lawrence Joseph (Montreal Mirror)

…No lounge guitar trio, this band creates sonic sparks that almost visibly fly every which way. Rupp’s
constant, intense strumming often elasticizes into slurred fingering as Buck buzzes drumstick on
cymbals, pops his toms, door-knocks his snares and rattles and reverberates any number of bells, chains
and wood blocks for additional textures. Keeping the improvisations grounded is Williamson, who
splays, stretches or saws upon his instrument’s strings, scroll and body wood when he’s not creating
added continuum by slapping out pedal point resonation. On the nearly 30-minute “Buckram”, the
three reach such a level of polyphonic coherence that the cumulative textures seem to ooze into every
sonic space. Moving to the forefront then fading back into the ensemble, Rupp pinpoints jagged licks
that eventually accelerate to stentorian multi-string runs, as Buck concentrates pitter-pattering and
agitatedly clanking into tremolo whacks. Finally, a climax is reached, as Williamson’s multi-string
variations, consisting of col legno strokes vibrating with a near-electronic pulse, push the three to a
decisive conclusion. Ken Waxman - Jazzword