Wasahugy //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Artwork design: 
Stoffer Ganes
Recording engineer: 
Toby Robinson & Lee Bowman
  • 1. 01 (17:28)
  • 2. 02 (06:27)
  • 3. 03 (09:17)
  • 4. 04 (09:38)
  • 5. 05 (08:31)
  • 6. 06 (04:04)

Liner notes for Wazahugy
We arrived in Brixton from far away points, into a nice spacious studio, bringing a range of qualities, instruments, preferences and negotiable sounds, and, of course, our personalities. The music went beyond the sum of the parts - that is the magic we expect to make. It includes dimensions of space, suggestions, the definite tense, long, sharp integration, fantasy, dialogue, qualities of closeness and distance, cool and hot.

Now as a listener, as much as I try to test its validity for a CD with multiple hearings, I am drawn into it - what is observed, what is engaged in, what are the sounds, what is the spirit behind the sounds.

Philipp Wachsmann, September, 2002

Jazz Review
«This set recorded for the Norway based, “Sofa” record label features a multi-national cast of highly respected improvisers.»

Glenn Astarita

Jazz Weekly
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Ken Waxman

Jazznytt #4
«Her skaper man en tett helhet og en dramaturgi i spillet som forbløffer.»

Jan Granlie

All Music Guide
«...the differences of approaches and opinions present create a very interesting tension..»

François Couture