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Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • 1. Undreaming (04:31)
  • 2. Memories Heard (07:38)
  • 3. Diverted Linear (10:47)
  • 4. Barkåker (16:25)
  • 5. Thirty Nine Point Five (07:58)
  • 6. The Gone (06:56)

Jan Wiese - obo, electronics
Tellef Øgrim - guitar, electronics

Another mind-boggling release from the small Swedish-Norwegian Bandcamp-based label Simlas produksjoner. This time we serve you six tracks from two old friends; oboist Jan Wiese and guitarist Tellef Øgrim. These Oslo based musicians first met in the jazz band Bitihorn in 1976.

Undreaming is their first purely improvised adventure together.

The tracks the album were played live in studio April 19th and August 22nd 2018. Guitar, oboe, softsynths and effects were performed in real time and recorded directly to file in Ableton Live.

In the mix, some minutes of the original takes were cut and left out. Apart from stereo panning and some volume adjustments, nothing was added.

WØJT honours the many great programmers of software, builders of instruments, coffee growers, bakers, vegetable farmers, philosophers and art operators who have made Undreaming possible.
released November 21, 2018

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