Vile Cretin //

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Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Artwork design: 
Nick Hoffman
Artwork design: 
Ilia Belorukov
Mikhail Ershov
Ilia Belorukov
  • 1. Sepulcros Futuras (10:50)
  • 2. Amo de los Gusanos (10:06)
  • 3. Rata Ahogada (05:36)
  • 4. La Peste (15:21)

Miguel A. García - electronics, objects
Nick Hoffman - electronics, objects

They call it dark electroacoustic music. A duo of a Basque guy and an American bloke. Field recordings, drones of analog electronics and showers of digital devices, samples of animals and seemingly unknown beasts, whimsical forms and contrasting dynamics, recondite composition/improvisation and lo-fi sound irony at the same time. On this anniversary tenth release Intonema presents Miguel A. Garcia and Nick Hoffman's Vile Cretin project. Four tracks and approximately forty minutes of modern experimental music.