NoFi Rainbow Volume One //

Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Olivia Webb / Campbell Kneale
Noel Meek
  • 1. balcony (05:35)
  • 2. the obsidian was like touching lips (04:46)
  • 3. a prayer for more a prayer for less (05:08)
  • 4. continuous partial attention (05:11)
  • 5. city of women condensed (05:02)
  • 6. escalation lifting the cobbles (05:31)
  • 7. longyearbyen (05:28)
  • 8. modern deaths (04:22)
  • 9. yesterday's sudden death (05:30)

A compilation of contemporary New Zealand noise and drone, showcasing established and younger artists from around the country. Released to celebrate the launch of End of the Alphabet Records in late 2014.

Volcanic Tongue on the compilation: "Incredible new very limited proto-Tokyo Flashback scale compilation that attempts to take the temperature of the New Zealand underground circa now, complete with original artwork by Campbell Kneale: this one subverts and bolsters the NZ destructo rock/home-bled concrete tape work tradition, marrying tracks from heavyweights like Bruce Russell and Peter Wright, Campbell Kneale’s Our Love Will Destroy The World and Antony Milton alongside major new voices that range from obliterated almost Omit-scale homemade electronics, evacuate beats and splintered vocals through roaring drone and end of the world soundings courtesy of killer new breed voices like Mischancerie, ETRC aka Shannon Reed, i.ryoko, Oona Verse and Noel Meek. Highly recommended."

Undertheradar: "new Wellington-based label End Of The Alphabet Records’ debut compilation NoFi Rainbow . . . provides an accessible view of the exploratory talent percolating in the bowl-like city. It's a confident opening salvo for the fledgling label, with eight tracks by a mix of emerging and established artists running from cracked electronic beat workouts, to celestial vocal drones, to wobbly ecstatic outsider-pop and beyond . . . Throughout NoFi Rainbow there’s a distinct emphasis on texture, the artists generally eschew digital crispness for a more brittle or fuzzy feel. There’s a strong sense of depth and density - crucial elements bubble in the background to generate fractal-like surface ripples, which destabilise and recontextualise the whole . . . You’ll be hearing a lot more from EOTA, best get on the ground floor with NoFi Rainbow."

VanguardRed Magazine: "Mischancerie and Oona Verse provide ruptured space-age club sounds draped in garage retrofuturism, while ETRC and i.ryoko play around with atmospheric beats and fuzzy soundtrack stylings. Meanwhile, more established names like Antony Milton, Our Love Will Destroy The World and Bruce Russell and Peter Wright, continue to do what they’ve long done so well, sonically essay on the exploratory powers of sound work. My personal favourite inclusion however, would have to be a sleek and shimmering synth dronescape crafted by Noel Meek. Dystopian-yet-optimistic, it seems to ask the question, what lies beyond the end of the alphabet?"