Oslo Hærverk //

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Recording location: 
Kafe Hærverk, Oslo
Recording date: 
Thursday, April 26, 2018
This release would not have be possible without the outstanding mastering abilities by Gunnar Brakofonic Backman.
  • 1. Tlaxkon (12:42)
  • 2. Stay Peaceful (11:42)
  • 3. Ofilikki (06:21)
  • 4. No Temple No Homes (07:46)
  • 5. Close To Closed (09:00)

Peeter Uuskyla -drums
Tellef Øgrim - guitar
Anders Berg - bass

Drummer Peeter Uuskyla, guitarist Tellef Øgrim and bassist Anders Berg came together early in 2017 to form a free-form power trio. Drawing on their combined backgrounds from rock, jazz and European free improvisation, the trio started out by releasing the studio album ULLR. By November, still within the trio's first year, a concert album (LAIV) from a gig at the club BrÖtz in Gothenburg was released. Come May 2018 this second concert recording, this time from Kafe Hærverk in Oslo was published. The group's unprejudiced relationship to the styles that accidentally, or not, has ended up in each of the three musicians bags, is easily heard on this album, that is also out on a limited edition CD accompanied by a cover made by the artist Lars G Holm of Mora, Sweden.