Luft.Spiele //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Friday, September 25, 2015
Executive producer: 
Trevor Taylor
Mastering engineer: 
Wolfgang Obrecht
Mixing engineer: 
Wolfgang Obrecht
Marco von Orelli, Udo Schindler
  • 1. LUFTzeichen (03:30)
  • 2. LUFTsog (09:23)
  • 3. LUFTraum (03:01)
  • 4. LUFTzug (04:47)
  • 5. LUFTschaukel (04:49)
  • 6. LUFTspiegel (04:12)
  • 7. LUFTwirbel (04:37)
  • 8. LUFTstrom (07:27)
  • 9. LUFTkuss (04:09)

Udo Schindler - Sopranino Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Cornet
Trumpet – Marco von Orelli

With all the refinements that can be imagined, suck, pull, swing, twirl, squeeze the two lounge lizards the 58th edition, the air in the service of sound + art in Krailing. on 25/09/2015 played the host sopranino & tenor saxophones and cornet, the visitors from Basel's Omri Ziegele's cheaper Bauer, Kaspar von Grünigens bottom Orchestra and his own quintet her famous trumpet. Ziegele wrote the two Luftikussen a flowery eulogy, calls them "two hijackers" and "tender hunters in the woods of yearning noise", cheers the "miracle of existence squeezed" to and what proustet of rediscovered time. Too beautiful but also hissing and puffing, Kirren and cooing, bubbling and the two hornswith almost nothing in their windy sewer. You flatterzüngeln and buzz in the lee of the guild usual Schmetterei curious tattoos with a virtuosity in the Diabolus in musica shows a roughneck with pointed horns. I did not knowthat Orelli is such a joker who seeks the skew in any situation and place. Mutes it short times to somewhat tame and worn, follow again abgewürgte or be scratched sounds geploppte and gespotzte, rusty and crooked curved, like also pointed bent prongs or paradoxical jumps. Schindler green delt in deepest able Orelli blows flatly by a leaky valve, the whimpers one who gobbles andre and Kieft the mouthpiece like a dog to his bone. In between bubbling it through on a train like Peter Evans, the end to spürest thou hardly even a hint. That works so intense and precisely that the two of them this year at Easter in Traunstein monastery church again agreed with Baby summer fun gain. [Rbd BA 92]