Fictions //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Fredrik Hurtig
Executive producer: 
Patric Thorman, Joakim Simonsson
Mastering engineer: 
Göran Stegborn
Mixing engineer: 
Göran Stegborn
Joakim Simonsson, Stefan Wistrand
Recording engineer: 
Daniel Carlsson
  • 1. After You (01:38)
  • 2. One Million Years, Part 1 (07:16)
  • 3. One Million Years, Part 2 (02:25)
  • 4. Jazz (04:19)
  • 5. Soundcastle (03:41)
  • 6. Blue (04:18)
  • 7. Mourning Clown (03:38)
  • 8. Mayfly (02:55)
  • 9. E (04:46)

Two Sounds Ensemble came into existence around autumn 2002 with the idea of playing jazz standards, but from the first sprung notes all tunes were laid aside in favour of pure improvisation. Since then the duo has followed their chosen path and always begun in the unmade and concluded in the unfinished. A figuring out of the music by Two Sounds Ensemble yields lines leading to jazz and free improvisation, while other timbres give way to a near neo-classical reference, all melted together in the final mix.