Futile //

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Monday, January 1, 2018
  • 1. Ezakdi (04:40)
  • 2. Futile (10:15)
  • 3. Clockwork Insomnia (04:14)
  • 4. Mastema (04:43)
  • 5. Unspoken Thoughts (04:31)
  • 6. Free (07:14)
  • 7. Mirage (05:00)
  • 8. Llama Klezmallah (05:34)
  • 9. Untitled (04:52)

Pei Ann Yeoh - Violin
Ash Trigg - Electric Bass
Jim Bashford - Drums

All tracks recorded and mixed by Luke Morrish-Thomas
All pieces by Pei Ann Yeah, except Ezkadi and Mastenea by John Zorn

TriYeah is a project that started when I was doing my postgraduate at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The idea is always to elevate what the violin can do in an avant-garde jazz setting. The movement of contrasts, in and between pieces, is what I hope to achieve with the ensemble.
I am indebted to Jim and Ash in putting together this ensemble. Jim is one of the most imaginative, versatile, and humble drummers I have worked with. Ash instinctively knows where to place himself in the music and constantly gave us fresh ways of playing off each other.
This recording has been a long-time coming. Thus, I am grateful for the financial support of the Arts and Humanities Research Grant from King's College London which has allowed me to complete this process. Hopefully, the journey is not a futile one. - Pei Ann Yeoh