Unfolding //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Åkersberga,Sweden, Intelligent Sound
Recording date: 
Monday, March 20, 2017
Families and friends. Oscar Grönberg Juliane Schütz Joel Grip Trondheim Kommune
Artwork design: 
Matilda Rolfsson
Mastering engineer: 
Jon Fält
Mixing engineer: 
Jon Fält
Matilda Rolfsson
Recording engineer: 
Petter Hölaas
  • 1. We are (04:25)
  • 2. Pretty face (10:20)
  • 3. The devil in me (06:49)
  • 4. Unfolding (19:39)
  • 5. Free formations (03:34)
  • 6. My funny Valentine (09:54)

Maggie Nicols - voice
Lisa Ullén- piano
Matilda Rolfsson - percussion

Their debut-album “Unfolding” was recorded 2017 in Intelligent Sound´s atelier in Åkersberga, Sweden by Petter Hølaas and Jon Fält, who also made the mixing/ mastering-process together with Matilda Rolfsson. The album-release will be on November 26, 2018, on Particular Recordings Collective Trondheim. The music presented on “Unfolding” can be described as (-the title suggests) developments, of spontaneous, impressionistic and abstract improvisations with elements from free-jazz and vaudeville. Sometimes theatrical and with a sense of despair from the darkest place, but always with evolving playfulness and with a sublime sharpness that creates tension and clarity in the music.