Con Fluent //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at ARC Studios Hastings and Lit & Phil, Newcastle
Recording date: 
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Mastering engineer: 
Trevor Watts
Recording engineer: 
Charlie McGovern
  • 1. Carriageway (04:04)
  • 2. Matching Find (06:39)
  • 3. Sadness Of Rhyme (07:00)
  • 4. The Lit And Phil Chair (02:54)
  • 5. Ask Later (15:32)
  • 6. Shielding Does Not Show (05:00)

Trevor Watts-soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Stephen Grew-piano

On Con Fluent, the two are a virtual duo. Grew sent a recording of a few improvised sets to Watts to play over. The results are sublime and had the information about the overdubbing approach not been revealed, one probably would not have expected it. For example, 'Sadness of Rhyme' is a complex dance, with deep pockets of silence and delicate interactions that feel spontaneously exacted with no deference to the time and space between them. Another track, 'The Lit and Phil Chair' begins with a powerful burst of saxophone over low scrapings of the piano's strings. On 'Ask Later' it all comes together as the clever 'composition' from Grew swirls together with Watt's saxophone in a a 15-minute mini-epic that ranges from introspective to exuberant.