Burundi Monday //

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Recorded live at the 100 Club, London
Recording date: 
Monday, May 9, 1983
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. Burundi Monday (34:41)
  • 2. Double Up (15:14)

Peter Knight - violin
Mmadi Kamara - african percussion
Nana Tsiboe - african percussion
Ernest Mothle - bass
Liam Genockey - drum
Trevor Watts - saxophone

This CD represents in some ways a ‘first’, marking as this recording does a previously unreleased line-up, the Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra of the early 1980s. This was a crucial turning point in Trevor’s evolving career, following a succession of Amalgam line-ups in which this alto saxophonist, with an already deserved international reputation for contributions to the evolution of free jazz and improvised music outside the American diaspora, was evolving a complex, polyrhythmically-driven approach to spontaneously generating new ideas capable of sustaining ongoing developing structures.