Live In Macedonia //

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Recorded in Skopje
Recording date: 
Thursday, May 13, 2004
  • 1. The Idea (08:24)
  • 2. Summer Suns (10:19)
  • 3. The Friendship Ship (07:37)
  • 4. The High Live (09:04)
  • 5. Spring Surprise (08:21)
  • 6. Life & Music (08:17)

Trevor Watts-composer, lead, arranger, percussion, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Amy Leake-tenor saxophone
Rob Leake-tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Marcus Cummins-alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Geoff Sapsford-guitar
Roger Carey-bass guitar
Giampaolo Scattoza-drums
Jamie Harris-percussion

Trevor Watts Celebration band live in Skopje Macedonia 2004, with Amy Leake, Rob Leake, Marcus Cummins, Geof Sapsford, Roger Carey, GIampaolo Scalto, and Jamie harris percussion!!! 4 saxophones, drums, percussion and bass. The friendship Ship' was a vehicle used as a workshop ,. So we invited our Macedonian friends to come on stage and take part. On this occasion musicians from all the communities took part, Roma, Macedonian and Albania to play alongside their UK and Italian colleagues