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Saturday, November 1, 2003
  • 1. Ar? (31:27)
  • 2. El? (04:34)
  • 3. Ah? (06:22)
  • 4. Ma? (12:41)

Liner notes for ONE
I'm just reading «Maigret und der geheimnisvolle Kapitän» (Les Portes des Brumes, 1931), the plot is set somewhere out on the Breton coast, Quistreham or so; a sluice, gloomy rusty steamers, and a sailor's pub almost steadily veiled by fog; the characters of the drama communicate and find their ways by sounds which become plastic by the steady dampness; the visibility is poor.

Sometimes the beam of the lighthouse rotates shortly into the world of sounds, uncapable to bring light into the drama! Does Dorner's, Minton's and Lehn's «TOOT» perhaps mean the scarcely perceptible foghorn far out off the mole? They find their ways (almost) without help from any means of the repertoire of the «music's language», sometimes groping forward cautiously, but then - with knowledge of and familiarity with the other's soundsigns - again find a firmly closed common direction in the «dark». Great spaces are forming, expanses in the music, distances by means of various volumes, perceptible, firmly determinable smaller spaces by means of reverbaration!

After a while of listening the picture of a small foggy seaport is appearing, a plastic space with corners and angles, heights and rotten dangerous gangplanks - a sharply drawn story, full of suspense.

Sven-Åke Johansson
(English translation by Wulf Teichmann)


«Nå utfordres du til å gå rett til kilden – du vil ikke angre.»
Mats Johansen

«Toot consists of three Improv stalwarts – vocalist Phil Minton, trumpeter Axel Dörner and analogue synthesizer wiz Thomas Lehn. Unique tooters all, together they find common ground by colliding at full tilt, backing off and taking another run at each other. These bursts of activity, initiated by a trumpet rasp, synth wave, or hiccup and squeal, congeal into vignettes that blossom or simply evaporate – outrageous dreamlike accidents that annoy or tickle the ear. Yet there are moments when, bolstered by spitfire synth squalls and vaporous brass, Minton ‘s wheezes and groans evoke a near Shakespearean portrait of flawed, vexed humanity.»

Art Lange
Vital Weekly #470
«Vocalist Phil Minton, Axel Dörner on trumpet and Thomas Lehn on analogue synth have been working as Toot since the late 90s but 'One' is, with such a title no surprise, their first CD. The four tracks on this CD were recorded in 2003, most possibly to a stereo tape, but afterwards there has been some editing by Lehn and Dörner. All three gentleman belong to the absolute finest in improvised in Europe, having played with almost anyone on the scene. The four captured live moments here show these qualities very well. Each piece is a highly dynamic affair, ranging from the subtle moments with lots of silence (which seem to be in a majority here) to more louder and upfront outbursts of energy. Certainly not 'easy' stuff, since whatever they do is beyond any form of traditional playing and requiresd ones full attention. But it will be rewarded by the beauty of itrequires.»

«Disse tre unike stemmene har skapt et lydunivers ulikt alt annet du har hørt og vil komme til å høre. Her er det masse humor og overraskelsene står i kø: Toot - og SOFA - forteller oss at de ligger helt der fremme innenfor friimprovisasjons-uttrykket.» -
Tor Hammerø