Interesting //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded in different places between 2014 and 2015
Recording date: 
Thursday, December 31, 2015
Artwork design: 
Tobias Meier
Mastering engineer: 
Hannes Kumke
Mixing engineer: 
Hannes Kumke
Tobias Meier
  • 1. Nine Microscopic Thoughts (10:06)
  • 2. Another Microscopic Thought (08:44)

Tobias Meier - saxophone

Interesting - microscopic thoughts
On his self-produced 10inch Vinyl, saxophonist Tobias Meier has created a gem of 9 miniatures. Taken individually, the 9 microscopic pieces focus on experimental happenings between instrument and microphone, overtone structures and polyphonic overdubs, mixed with microphoned inner worlds of the instruments and supposedly peripheral sounds. Together, the miniatures translate into an audiophile, organic matrix and assemble like a kaleidoscope, of which Frantz Loriot (viola), Silvan Jeger (cello) and Dominique Girod (bass) are also part. The B-side of the album comprises a single 9-minute solo piece in which the saxophonist and the saxophone melt into one interface. The varying column of air and the static fingering due to on-going shifts result in a kind Möbius construct while the “noises” emerging from the flap, the overtones and breath create a second soundscape.
Tobias Meier gathered the miniatures of "Interesting - N I N E M I C R O S C O P I C T H O U G H T S" over more than a year. The microphone became an integral part of his approach (as also known of field recordings for example), deconstructing the relationship between the instrument, the microphone and the phonogram. Opting for vinyl gives an additional sensual dimension to the subtle structures of this microscopic harmonics world.