Live At Elastic Arts //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at Elastic Arts, Chicago
Recording date: 
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Mastering engineer: 
Frode Gjerstad
Mixing engineer : 
Frode Gjerstad
Recording engineer: 
David Zuckowski
  • 1. Elastic 1 (32:35)
  • 2. Elastic 2 (05:44)
  • 3. Elastic 3 (10:10)
  • 4. Elastic 4 (04:15)

Frode Gjerstad - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
David Watson - Guitar
Kevin Norton - Percussion

Tipple, the trio of Frode Gjerstad on alto sax and clarinet, Kevin Norton on percussion, and David Watson on electric guitar, are captured live for an energetic and masterly concert at Elastic Arts, in Chicago, Illinois in 2015, four "Elastic" improvisations of intense interaction, from collective conversation to stunning solo statements; jaw dropping. Norton in particular is on fire and in the foreground often, with profound interactions between himself, Gjerstad and Watson. Kudos to engineer David Zuckowski for capturing this album with great fidelity and punch.