k-horns //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Kohi, Karlsruhe
Recording date: 
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
Mastering engineer: 
Aigle Noir
Mixing engineer: 
  • 1. Ein (05:27)
  • 2. Tag (02:59)
  • 3. Vor (07:01)
  • 4. Zwei (14:22)
  • 5. Jahren (08:40)

Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba
Roland Spieth - trumpet
Suboko (Bouto & Gully & Regreb) - drums, metals, turntables, electronics, objects

"The strength and adventurous spirit of these five musicians makes it seem like they are actually breaking new ground, instead of recycling hashed-over micro-genres, and what we're left with is a mixture of free-jazz fire sermon with a San Fransisco Tape Music Center backing band, or a mariachi quintet covering Lustmord. Its unlike anything you've ever heard; they will ignite odd movies in yr mind, if you give them the time of day.
The production is superb, giving equal time and temperament to both the higher and lower registers, making for a full, lush recording. You are practically transported to the small wooden rooms these recordings were inevitably made in. The blurry light photographs by Axel Haller on the cover are also quite lovely, and set you in the mood to travel to these Teatros Grottesco. If ever you were looking to sneak a peak at what improvised electro-acoustic could sound like, or if yr a classical or jazz buff and you'd like to hear what else yr beloved brass instruments are capable of, look no further. Highly recommended."

Chain D.L.K. (USA)