Stockholm Sweden Polyphony //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Fredrik Hurtig
Executive producer: 
Patric Thorman, Joakim Simonsson
Mastering engineer: 
Göran Stegborn
Mixing engineer: 
Göran Stegborn
Emil Strandberg, Sten Sandell, Patric Thorman
Recording engineer: 
Göran Stegborn
  • 1. To Whom It May Concern (03:43)
  • 2. Truth (03:56)
  • 3. Patric Thorman (02:19)
  • 4. Stockholm Sweden Polyphony (06:08)
  • 5. Love No.3 (06:58)
  • 6. Siskins (04:22)
  • 7. Constraints (04:32)

At some point modern jazz became too contemporary and ceased to be jazz altogether. The music of Emil Strandberg, Sten Sandell and Patric Thorman could be called anything, but most obvious improv (Sandell being one of Sweden's most well-known improvising musicians from groups such as Gush and Sten Sandell Trio). And actually, what this trio are up to is exactly where jazz should be at today; it is improvised, energetic, inventive, communicative and swinging.

To play modern jazz without drums has it's starting point in Jimmy Giuffre's 1961 trio and offers possibilities for tight, fast-changing music that shows connections to modern composed music. For Found You Recordings Improvised Series, the trio, which have been together since 2006, have recorded their first album. Strandberg and Thorman can be heard together on two releases with different percussionists from the RR-R label and Strandberg had a record out on Bonnier Amigo with pianist Jonas Östholm in 2008.

Stockholm Sweden Polyphony gives us open sounds, nevertheless is it not improvised due to principles. It is simply the means necessary to achieve beautiful, true and devoted music in which every statement each player makes has importance for the listener.