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Recording location: 
Mungo National Park
Recording date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, it’s arts funding and advisory body. Thanks to the Adelaide Festival, Ilan Volkov and staff at Lake Mungo National Park. Splinter would like to respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of Mungo, the Barkinji, the Mutthi Mutthi and Ngyiampaa peoples
Artwork design: 
clare cooper
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  • 1. Zanci Homestead 1 (47:58)
  • 2. Zanci Homestead 2 (10:07)
  • 3. Woolshed (57:02)
  • 4. Airstrip (38:42)

Maximillian Alduca – double bass
Laura Altman – clarinet
Drew Bourgeois – percussion, shakuhachi
Romy Caen – harmonium, electronics
Marco Cheng – acoustic guitar, voice
Jim Denley – wind instruments, voice, objects
Joseph Derrick – trumpet Mel Eden – voice/electronics, objects
Peter Farrar – alto sax and PVC pipes
Andrew Fedorovitch – alto sax, voice, objects
Cor Fuhler – guitar and objects
Prue Fuller – in spirit
Adam Gottlieb – guitar/objects Melanie Herbert – violin
Sonya Holowell – voice Axel Powrie – flutes, objects Shota – umofos (unidentified musical objects from outer-space)
Bonnie Stewart – percussion
Jack Stoneham – alto sax
Tony Osborne – vocals/electronics
WeiZen – little critter, objects, voice.

3 movements:
sunrise Zanci Homestead I – 47:57 Zanci Homestead II - 10:07
sunset Woolshed - 55:26
midnight Airstrip - 38:44

Recorded by Splinter at Lake Mungo National Park 1-3 March 2016. Photos by Splinter
Mixed and mastered by Splinter at Kaloola Artwork Splinter and Clare Cooper Compositions © splinter 2016 (APRA)
For 15 years Splinter have been testing experiments in improvised orchestral music. Over the last two years, we’ve honed specific strategies involving motion that manifest differently wherever and whenever they are played out. In early March 2016 we took these procedures to the dry lakebed at Mungo National Park, far west NSW.

With birds and insects greeting the day
amidst a ruined Zanci,
we move around 2 fixed stereo mics
in specified modes –
Air Hockey and Wheel.

In the Woolshed,
(a massive wooden structure from 1869)
we play Microphony:
two microphonists, each with his/her own stereo mic
weave through and around the space/band.
At anytime they can handover to a fresh microphonist.
After stargazing the desert sky
we record at the dirt airstrip
each of us relate to a pulsing bike light
in the profound dark.