Intelligent Design //

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Recorded May 2008, mixed and mastered September 2009 at Epidemin, Gothenburg Tracks 3 and 7 recorded live in concert, May 12, 2008 at Storan, Gothenburg
Recording date: 
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Mastering engineer: 
Malin Dahlström & Petter Eriksson
Johannes Lundberg
  • 1. The Solar Cell (08:39)
  • 2. The Lyre (05:39)
  • 3. The Brick (04:38)
  • 4. The Thriller (04:49)
  • 5. The Serenade (05:08)
  • 6. The Fugue (03:39)
  • 7. The Radio (04:32)
  • 8. The Chaos Theory (06:31)
  • 9. The Vintage Port (04:53)

Double Bass, Keyboards, Drum Machine [Machinedrum], Electronics, Voice – Johannes Lundberg
Drums, Percussion, Zither, Sampler – Jon Fält
Engineer [Intelligent Assistant Engineer] – Petter Eriksson
Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer [Guitar Synthesizers], Electronics – Nils-Olav Johansen
Recorded By [Vocals] – Malin Dahlström (tracks: 3)
Trumpet, Electronics – Gunnar Halle

Scandinavian electro-improvisers Splint! are back with a new album, their first on FMR. Intelligent Design is a collection of contrasting pieces, from minimalist soundscapes to electro-chaos, every tune with its own unique sound and tense atmosphere. The working method is collective improvisation mainly on acoustic instruments with heavy use of loopers and other live-electronics. The result is carefully post-produced to bring out the essence of the music. The song "The Brick" features Gothenburg singer Malin Dahlström (known from Midaircondo and The Dora Steins), aka Disdishdance, who wrote lyrics and a melody to an improvisation recorded live in concert. The title is a tribute to the human creative force and is an attempt to reclaim the term "Intelligent Design" from the creationist movement