Day 01 //

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  • 1. Ka E Det? (04:40)
  • 2. Straight! (03:41)
  • 3. Seriously (01:22)
  • 4. No Arms, No Drums (02:09)
  • 5. Fluorescent Tongues (04:48)
  • 6. And We're Gone. (08:05)
  • 7. An Introduction To... (02:52)
  • 8. The Black Frequencies (04:37)
  • 9. Day 01 (04:43)

"Bhangra-folk, kicks and snares in a kind of Middle Eastern breakbeat, groove-scratch rhythms, the tempo upbeat to the point of absurd, analog/electric blowout without being overly loud or fuzzed, a warm atonal skittering mess in a dismembered and reassembled cycle into fried and glitched toothy hell. They're not about comfort (as you see when you visit the website, a neon-flashing seizure-inducing sheik greeting you). Crunchy and warbly in all the right ways, the kind you feel in your throat and the very tips of your fingers. Fast arpeggios over shrieks and wahs and smashed drums melting into a techno-alarm riff. The sound levels are all over the place, and we're only halfway in. Softer tracks are interspersed, allowing for calm, gutter-warm and staticky eyes between storms, truly fragile and beautiful, the better for not being drowned in thicker tones. Alternates between near-claustrophobic reverberations of abused guitars and ascendant cosmic clatter, notes being tossed in and dropping out. Bestial nu-metal drumming, gamelan and tight, swarming out of focus, Dalek-sounding. (That's exactly what it is! Metal for Daleks. Daleks mosh to this.) It's rhetorical music, asking for nothing but attentiveness to the fun. I have to mention the lovely, sticky translucent silkscreen case, the kind with obsidian-sheened bubbles and veins".
9/10 -- April Larson (1 September, 2010) for Foxy Digitalis