Ich Als Du //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Suburbansound, Winterthur (CH)
Recording date: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Friendly supported by Popkredit Stadt Zürich and Migros Kulturprozent
Artwork design: 
Marie Cuennet
Artwork design: 
Jela Hasler
Executive producer: 
Wide Ear Records
Mastering engineer: 
Manuel Egger
Mixing engineer: 
Manuel Egger
Schwalbe & Elefant
  • 1. S Chuutet (04:28)
  • 2. Wirble (03:17)
  • 3. Laub Im Buuch (02:15)
  • 4. Ha S Präicht (00:45)
  • 5. Es Tuet Mr Leid (03:58)
  • 6. S Maass (04:57)
  • 7. Bhaupti (02:17)
  • 8. Im Alter (04:00)
  • 9. Eifach Gschtrickt (03:09)
  • 10. Jufle (02:43)
  • 11. Ich Als Du (02:33)

Dalia Donadio - voice
Linda Vogel - harp

On their debut album „Ich Als Du“, the duo „Schwalbe und Elefant“ (Dalia Donadio, voice and Linda Vogel, harp) sets swiss german poetry into the periphery of free improvised music and plain song structures. Spoken word in unisono with the notes of the harp, lively sung melodies and mazily, bumpy pieces of lyrics compose the soundscape of the improvisations. Both musicians move freely between the roles of being the leader, accompanying or being an equal member of the duo. By using e ects and extended playing techniques, the harpist Linda Vogel expands the soundspectrum of her instrument and dicovers innovative sounds. The range of sounds, created by the singer Dalia Donadio consists of physically generated notes and noises, as well as electric e ects and loops. Her pointed out lyrics give access to universal themes. „Schwalbe & Elefant“ focuses on a raw, physical and localised life experience rather than dwelling in the fugacious elds of a digitalized world. The sounds of this decelerated approach o er to its listeners a sensitized perception of time and space. Music, that welcomes you to stay and discover.