spare parts & the ideology toolkit //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Audio Cue Tonlabor, Berlin
Recording date: 
Saturday, October 23, 2004
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
Recording engineer: 
Rainer Robben
  • 1. cadrage menteur (01:31)
  • 2. remaining dazzled (03:36)
  • 3. riveted nostrils (04:46)
  • 4. repetition du message (01:03)
  • 5. heavy hat (10:01)
  • 6. seduction par le style (01:34)
  • 7. silicone sonata (05:02)
  • 8. "leica, we're loosing speed ..." (05:56)
  • 9. recours a la peur (02:22)
  • 10. tombstone zigzag (09:42)
  • 11. dress rehearsal (04:22)

Gilles Aubry - computer
Nicolas Field - percussion

"In case you're expecting a rock group - fear not: The Same Girl is an improv duo consisting of Berlin-based laptopper Gilles Aubry and percussionist Nicholas Field, currently resident in Geneva. The two blokes apparently met up ten years ago when they were trying to pick up the same girl, the Schraum press release helpfully informs us. We don't know, however, if either of them succeeded, though if the young lady in question wasn't a diehard improvised music freak, I doubt Aubry and Field could have wooed her with a selection of their own greatest hits. The seven improvised "Spare Parts" tracks are as tough and dry as the album title. For the most part they're impressively tight, gritty workouts - hats off to Aubry for being particularly responsive - and it's just as well they're interleaved with the relative light relief of the "Ideology Toolkit", a set of four field recordings (it says here, though "Recours à la peur" seems to be a field recording of the duo in action.. go figure). ... I hope they kept the young lady's address and sent her a copy of this for Valentine's Day. Now that's what I call romantic."

Paris Transatlantic (France)