Atractor Extrano //

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Recorded at Altarocka Studios on November 6th and 8th 2015 in Santiago de Chile.Except "4-30 = Waldo" recorded alive on November 9th 2015 at the Festival de Musica Contemporanea "Musicahora", University of La Serena, Chile.
Recording date: 
Friday, April 16, 2010
Mastering engineer: 
Nicholas Rios
Trevor Taylor
Recording engineer: 
Nicholas Rios
  • 1. De Soslayo (05:45)
  • 2. Alter Gesto (10:02)
  • 3. Por Ahora (08:57)
  • 4. Compulsión Ergonómica (09:10)
  • 5. Neutro (04:44)
  • 6. Lugar Incógnito (07:20)
  • 7. Antes De Más Tarde (07:43)
  • 8. 4-30 = Waldo (15:01)

Chris Cogburn-percussion
Bonnie Jones-electronics
Rhob Rainey-soprano saxophone

In this work there is a common territory of sounds. It could be like an imaginary landscape map, created by walks, talks, learning and playing together through night and days of to big lands with the desert in between. The music score for this kind of work doesn't exist. Therefore, the only thing that we know so far, is that there is a long way form one Housed door to the other