New World //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at Studiobeorne
Recording date: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Mastering engineer: 
Olaf Rupp
  • 1. Human Head (05:21)
  • 2. Cargo (07:01)
  • 3. Now It's Dark (10:16)
  • 4. No Joseph (05:14)
  • 5. That Metal Smell (05:05)
  • 6. Medicine (05:50)
  • 7. River Witness (15:02)

Simon Rose - baritone saxophone, alto saxophone
Willi Kellers - drums
Jan Roder - double bass

Exceptional improvisation with a dark underpinning and masterful technique from the Berlin-based collective trio of Simon Rose on baritone and alto saxophones, Willi Keller on drums, and Jan Roder on double bass, recording in the studio and mixed by Olaf Rupp, for an intense ride through seven recordings with titles like "Human Head" or "That Metal Smell".

"Drawing on a vast pool of international experience, since 2015 the Berlin trio of Rose-Kellers-Roder have consistently produced music that is both celebratory and unique in the field. A true ensemble music that values shared imagination over technical display. The trio bring a new, surprising take to the sax, bass, drums form; the range of their music is vast. 'Human Head' builds on unrelenting, high-powered, swinging momentum; 'Now it's Dark' is unafraid to remain in multi-phonic abstraction and stillness; 'Medicine' creates something else by stripping the ballad form to its intervallic essentials; 'River Witness' is an evolving textural trip in three parts ... The titles speak to uncertain times while echoing some images and themes found in the writing of Joseph Conrad."-FMR