Eclíptica (Volume 1) //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Rutger Zuydervelt
Artwork design: 
Mara Arteaga
Executive producer: 
Alfredo Gallardo
Mastering engineer: 
James Plotkin
Mixing engineer: 
Rogelio Sosa
Rogelio Sosa
  • 1. Novilunio (New Moon) (07:35)
  • 2. Cantos del Crepúsculo (Twilight Chants) (08:12)
  • 3. Figuras de Lumbre (Fire Figures) (07:01)
  • 4. Danza de los Brujos (Dance of the Warlocks) (07:55)
  • 5. La Noche del Nahual (Nahual Night) (07:26)
  • 6. El Sexto Presagio (The Sixth Omen) (06:35)

Rogelio Sosa - guitar, feedback and electronics

The pieces in Ecliptica were produced from explorations made with a modular array of guitar pedals - connected in a closed circuit - that generates and processes feedback signals.

The sounds resulting from this feedback system are rooted in complex signals of chaotic behavior. The improvisational and compositional mediation with this instrument consists in executing small parametric variations that trigger new arborescences of a continuous energy flow that seems to have an organic, autonomous and everchanging life.

The pieces in this double album were recorded in the same number of days and are organized in two volumes:

The first inspired by scenes of necromancy and shamanic trance.
The second, which alludes toindigenous ritual practices that exalt the celestial order.

Thus the title of the album and the succession of the pieces seek to place the listener in a programmatic context that invites him to enter a non-existent mythology inspired by syncretic mysticism and the cyclical nature of certain invisible forces and energies ”- Rogelio Sosa