a direct sensuous pleasure //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Audio Cue Tonlabor, Berlin
Recording date: 
Friday, June 9, 2006
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
Recording engineer: 
Rainer Robben
  • 1. stelze (06:04)
  • 2. verwirkt (03:02)
  • 3. ember (03:51)
  • 4. tinkla eins (01:30)
  • 5. rauhn (05:42)
  • 6. schley (04:17)
  • 7. oberlicht (02:44)
  • 8. tinkla zwei (01:58)
  • 9. spanmenge (04:34)
  • 10. weile (05:16)
  • 11. spule (02:46)

Merle Bennett - drums
Torsten Papenheim - guitar

all music composed and pefrformed by rant

"You know that you have talent when the musicians can turn even the bare bones of a song into a "sensuous pleasure." Rant does very simple sounding music. All that you hear is a drum and guitar. The songs are stripped down to the essentials: melody and beat. They are arranged in particular order to maximize the growth and metamorphasis of style in each song. There is so much here, done with such a small quantity of raw material. The songs have a jazz freedom and a rock appeal mixed with the just a bit of the heavy headed experimental testing. There is more here than the word "minimal" would imply. … An argument can be made that this is a deconstruction of mainstream music. I like that thought."

Neo-Zine (USA)