Placid //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
RecPublica Studios, Poland
Recording date: 
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Artwork design: 
Irena Eden, Stijn Lernout & Atelier Liska Wesle
Mastering engineer: 
Klaus Scheuermann
Mixing engineer: 
Hannes Kumke
Recording engineer: 
Michael Wasyl
  • 1. Undercurrent (05:59)
  • 2. Effervescence (04:56)
  • 3. Placid (06:02)
  • 4. Origami (05:40)
  • 5. Kliing (02:59)
  • 6. Tuain of Thought (04:26)
  • 7. Ruhepol (05:42)

Philipp Eden - Piano
Xaver Rüegg - Double Bass
Vincent Glanzmann - Drums

This trio celebrates an urgent ensemble music that possesses the magic of a constantly changing kaleidoscope of sound. Oscillating between repose and fanciful complexity, the songs bear witness to the three virtuoso instrumentalists' refined tonal sense. Philipp Eden's dynamic multi-textual keymanship, Vincent Glanzmann's idiosyncratic sonorous drum play, and Xaver Ruegg's always agile and artfully singing double bass blend as sensitive interplay that responds to microscopic alterations. Far removed from gimmicky effusiveness, this concentrates entirely on atmospheric music-making with a restraint that serves the collective. In triadic interaction, via a captivating tonal conciseness and a delicate interweaving of melody and rhythm, music of extreme formal elegance unfolds, evocatively developing in compelling dynamic arcs of suspense. Their sophisticated fabric, made from contemporary jazz, a pinch of pop sensibility, and Neue Musik, feeds off a brewing serenity and calmness: they take time for extensive indulgence in dabs of sound, then subsequently unload, emboldened with verve and enthusiastically following the urge of the anthemic, before once again laconically resting in elegiac soundscapes.
This is a trio with depth and an uncanny density of expression that leaves room for the listener's imagination. A band that lights up the room and, by virtue of its poetry of sound, tells stories. Graceful musical art that is internally moving.