Himlen under os //

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Recording date: 
Monday, July 9, 2012
Mixing engineer: 
Jonas Graverholt
Recording engineer: 
Jonas Graverholt
  • 1. Himlen (15:54)
  • 2. Under os (18:07)

Peter Friis Nielsen KALAS has strongly marked its position on the European jazz scene by uniting two musicians form the new generation of improvisers with one of the most tireless figures on the Danish improvisation scene, bassist Peter Friis Nielsen (born 1948). This Danish/Norwegian trio plays free improvised music which takes its heritage from the European improvisational tradition, through its use of spectral noise elements, extreme dynamics and sometimes hard-hitting expressions, but at the same time also aims to renew it. Peter Friis Nielsen has been a key figure in Danish avant-garde music since the late 60s, and has appeared on countless recordings and tours with a numerous amount of ​​improvising musicians. In his new project "KALAS" Peter has for the first time ever collaborated with 2 musicians of the younger generation to form a band in his own name. Danish saxophonist Lars Greve (b. 1983) and the Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre (b. 1980), are both new and exciting names on the Danish jazz scene who work on the continuation of the tradition of European improvised music. Along with Peter Friis Nielsen they give a clear example of the fertility that is inherent in such a generation meeting, based on a common aesthetic and mutual enthusiasm. The LP was recorded live at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2012.

Lars Greve (DK) – saxophone
Peter Friis Nielsen (DK) – electric bass
Håkon Berre (NO) – drums