Live In London //

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Recorded cafe oto London 12th February 2010
Recording date: 
Friday, February 12, 2010
Mastering engineer: 
Chris Trent
Mixing engineer: 
Andy Isham
Recording engineer: 
Gus Gussetti
  • 1. Set 1 (40:00)
  • 2. Set 2 (39:09)

Paul Dunmall-tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp-piano
John Edwards-bass
Mark Sanders-drums

Featuring Paul Dunmall on tenor sax, Matthew Shipp on piano, John Edwards on contrabass and Mark Sanders on drums. This set was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London in February of 2010. Although Paul Dunmall has worked with the Edwards/Sanders rhythm team on dozens of sessions, it was a rarity for Mr. Dunmall to work with Downtown piano great Matt Shipp. The following year, Mr. Dunmall and Mr. Shipp did play with another rhythm team (Joe Morris & Gerald Cleaver) at the Vision Festival in NYC. I remember that set well as it was pretty f*cking incredible. The set on this disc is equally amazing: explosive, way intense and absolutely riveting! The opening flurry has that wonderful free/spiritual jazz vibe which feels like magic/medicine in these days of ongoing stress due to the news. Even when things calm down a bit, the interplay between Dunmall’s Trane-like tenor and Matt Shipp’s majestic piano is consistently crafty and uplifting. The rhythm team is equally impressive, organically expanding and contracting, becoming an integral part of the cosmic flow. Each section evolves into the next just right, giving each member of this colossal quartet a chance to stretch out. The second set starts out quietly with Mr. Shipp plucking strings inside the piano. The eerie bowed bass, sublime mallet-work, dream-like piano and haunting tenor give this a most mysterious vibe. Again the quartet slowly builds to a dynamic conclusion, all four members important to the strong, unified group sound. When Paul Dunmall’s limited edition CD-R label Duns closed down shop a few years back, many of us Dunmall fan-addicts were saddened to think that we wouldn’t get our fix very often. It is great to know that the FMR and Slam labels have picked up the slack, dropping these powerful free/jazz gems upon us when we least expect them to. Another winner! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG