Hurgu! //

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  • 1. Harar (10:38)
  • 2. St. George (15:13)
  • 3. Bedele (11:04)
  • 4. Meta (10:53)

Ex guitarist Terrie and drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love met in the Jottem Studio in Wormerveer, NL, to record these 4 extended and rugged improvisations; rhythms vs strings with a skronky temperament.

Hurgu is a scorching session of swirling, mangled guitars and tempestuous percussion. On opening track "Harar" Terrie Ex scrapes shards of noise from his instrument before throwing them against mirrored walls of somersaulting rhythms. His guitar has a laughing, argumentative sound as it engages Love's drums in a playful fistfight, answering each other's lunges and jabs with relentless musical counterattack.

Eventually the song resolves into manic, muted picking with Love rolling around tom toms before signaling the end with the metallic textures of his kit. "St George" begins with Terrie wrangling a lamenting barrage of atonal strumming into a blurred fury of notes that eventually rides across Love's roiling percussive landscape. The guitar finally gives up its struggle to produce a recognizable melody as strings detune further and further into abyssal sonic territory, answered by cyclical drumming beneath. The duo finally scratch out the remaining moments in unison digression. Images of waves washing up on a North Sea beach are evoked, a dense fog rolling in and out blurring the division between sea and shore in a spectral haze.

The remaining two tracks cover similar terrain and offer a wealth of sonically interesting ideas, especially considering the instrumentation consists of only guitar and drums. This album is a tactile listening experience if ever there was one. The manner in which these men conjure sounds from their instruments is a huge part of the experience. They tickle, pound, caress, and wrestle all manner of tones from woods and metals while finishing each other's thoughts with un-macho aggression and a sixth sense musicality. It's loads of fun and sure to please fans of European Improv, Noise, and Hardcore alike.

Paal Nilssen-Love-drums, percussion
Terrie Ex-electric guitar

Recorded on November 29th, 2009 at Jottem Studio, Wormerveer, The Netherlands by Maarten Tap. Mixed and mastered by James Plotkin.