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  • 1. Paranoia Agent (03:14)
  • 2. Satanico Pandemonium (11:49)
  • 3. The Last Exile (05:27)
  • 4. Tenebrae (08:41)
  • 5. The Lodger (03:44)
  • 6. I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse (05:06)

The inaugural release on Paal Nilssen-Love’s own PNL Records pairs the Norwegian avant-garde jazz drummer with laptop manipulator Lasse Marhaug. While Nilssen-Love has more often been heard with acoustic instrumentalists with a jazz background, Marhaug's blips, bleats, found-sounds and random samples give the drummer a lot of space to interject blast-beats undercutting “Paranoia Agent” and bowed cymbal drones swallowing the white noise of “Satanico Pandemonium.” It’s not always easy to discern who’s doing what. Many of the throbs, whooshes, clangs and rumbles sound neither obviously digital nor percussive, and Sofie Tafjord processed and
edited the original live-to-tape sessions. After five tracks, the convoluted feel can be frustrating. But like Teo Macero's behind-the-boards work for Miles Davis, the cut-and-paste job a tasteful montage that’s full of
ebb and flow.

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