Pão //

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  • 1. Dyson Tree (13:39)
  • 2. Gods Wait Do Delight In You (06:36)
  • 3. It Was All Downhill After The Sling (23:53)

The first released document by the trio PÃO is an invaluable addition to the present day vitality of the creative music scene in the city, illustrating the recent but increasingly focused collaboration between three of Lisbon’s finest music makers of today.

The trio’s music is a sound continuum falling somewhere between the intersection of La Monte Young’s brand of eternal music and the tense interplay and occasional outbursts present in many of European free-improvisation’s landmarks, all the while permeated by a sense of expansion and peaking, and by the constant addition and subtraction of elements over an always present layer of silent crudity.

There is a strong melodic feel, though, courtesy of the foundational presence of the harmonium and the restraint displayed almost throughout by Pedro Sousa’s tenor, coupled with the textured, organic layers coming out from Travasso’s electronics.

Melody, though somber and occasionally harsh, is indeed a key concept in these three long tracks that point out interesting new directions for drone music, near-silence improvisation and free-form jazz-infused explorations. Pão’s language, though subject, due to its openness, to future change and development, is already serenely but powerfully established.

PEDRO SOUSA . tenor saxophone
TIAGO SOUSA . keyboards, harmonium, percussion
TRAVASSOS . tapes, amplified objects, circuit bending, zx 150, voice