Lars Petter Hagen //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Oslo Concert Hall
Recording date: 
Monday, August 22, 2011
Artwork design: 
Martin Kvamme
Executive producer: 
Erik Gard Amundsen
Mastering engineer: 
Audun Strype
Krzystof Drab
Recording engineer: 
Sean Lewis
  • 1. Norwegian Archives I:Norwegian-ness as Nature (06:12)
  • 2. Norwegian Archives II:Six Hymns (03:33)
  • 3. Norwegian Archives III: A Play About Melancholy (01:15)
  • 4. Norwegian Archives IV: St. Tomas Tuning (03:09)
  • 5. Norwegian Archives V:Funeral Marches (03:48)
  • 6. The Artist's Despair Before the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins (11:49)
  • 7. Tveitt-Fragments (06:23)
  • 8. Funeral March over Edvard Grieg (09:23)
  • 9. To Zeitblom (19:18)

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra's new release presents the beautiful and wondrous music of Lars Petter Hagen. After premiering 'The Artist's Despair Before the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins' in 2010, the OPO was so intrigued by Hagen's project that they readily agreed to recording his complete orchestral music. Together with conductor Rolf Gupta the orchestra gives a voice to a different composer all together, with references to both the classical tradition, concept art, pop and folk music.

'Norwegian Archives' was written for the Donaueschingen festival in 2005. Hagen managed to create rather a stir at this bastion of modernism with his intended folklore 'exotismus', presenting a stereotype idea of 'Norwegian authenticity'. The concerto 'To Zeitblom' allows Hardanger fiddle soloist Gjermund Larsen to bring in his folk musical roots into the improvised solo part. In 'Tveitt-Fragments' he builds his music on bits of burned score pages found in the ruins after the fire on the Geirr Tveitt farm in 1970, which is said to have destroyed more than 300 works. In addition to instrumental, vocal and electronic music Hagen also works with sound-installations and music for stage and film. In 2003 he was awarded the Arne Nordheim Prize. Hagen is the artistic director of Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.