Éclairs sur l'Au-Delá... //

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Saturday, January 1, 2000
  • 1. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Apparition du Christ glorieux (06:28)
  • 2. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: La Constellation du Sagittaire (06:18)
  • 3. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: L'Oiseau-lyre et la Ville-fiancée (04:23)
  • 4. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Les Élus marqués du sceau (01:52)
  • 5. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Demeurer dans l'Amour... (11:30)
  • 6. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Les Sept Anges aux sept trompettes (05:27)
  • 7. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Et Dieu essuiera toute larme de leurs yeux... (03:49)
  • 8. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Les Étoiles et la Gloire (12:03)
  • 9. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Plusieurs Oiseaux des arbres de Vie (02:56)
  • 10. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Le Chemin de l'Invisible (03:47)
  • 11. Éclairs sur l'Au-Delà: Le Christ, lumière du Paradis (08:23)

Ingo Metzmacher, who made his debut in a subscription concert of the Vienna Philharmonic with this work, said in a statement at the end of the dress rehearsal that one can open oneself to this music only by setting aside one’s “earthly” sense of time and committing oneself to the cosmic dimensions and promise of this music. This may be understood as instructions to the listener.
(Wolfgang Schaufler)

Wiener Philharmoniker does not play XX century music very often, that's why Ingo Metzmacher has chosen Messiaen to begin his collaboration with the orchestra. Some years ago Wiener Philhamoniker New Year's concerts were used by Ingo as an example for his fabulous New Year cycle "Who's afraid of XX century music". Isn't it surprising that now Ingo plays Messiaen with this orchestra? As a tribute to Messiaen centennary they recorded his last piece, 'Illuminations from the beyond'. The piece is orchestrated in an unusual way - we should mention ten flutes, ten clarinets, four bassoons, three oboes and so on - it sounds like from the beyond, indeed! The music is slow and not loud, without any explosions - especially under Metzmacher's brilliant baton. An excellent recording to begin with.

(DOMOY.NET, Ilya Ovchinnikov, 28.11.2008)