Ole-Henrik Moe: Vent Litt Lenger //

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  • 1. Vent (09:32)
  • 2. Litt (13:26)
  • 3. Lenger (14:49)

Vent - for string quartet · Litt - for string quartet · Lenger - for violin solo and string quartet

Arditti Quartet · Ole-Henrik Moe, violin

Ole-Henrik Moe and the Arditti Quartet The Arditti Quartet presents a complete record with string quartets by Norwegian Ole-Henrik Moe: Vent, Litt, Lenger (Wait, a Little, Longer). The recording was initiated after several concert performances of the work during Ultima (Oslo Contemporary Music Festival) and in Vienna, and took place in the renowned Henry Wood Hall in London.

This cycle for string quartet begins with a memory resonance in slow revelation, while the next movement is more static - the indefinite is illuminated from several angles, and all adjustments are microscopical, though extremely captivating. In the last movement, Lenger, the string quartet is strengthened by another violin, handled by the composer himself, and more and more acoustic energy is freed while the sound slowly unloads.

Release date: 13.10.2008