Kernal Panic //

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Saturday, April 1, 2000
Robert Piotrowicz
  • 1. Eins (12:03)
  • 2. Zwei (03:29)
  • 3. Drei (06:53)
  • 4. Vier (05:33)
  • 5. Funf (37:30)

You wake up and find a room full of things, but no music. Music has to be reinvented every day. You take your instrument and play - and there it is. Others come and talk about "influences" and f...jazz and clusters and all their helpless keywords. Joe Williamson and Olaf Rupp met in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg in 1999 and played just from their simple inner impulse. They wanted to produce the sound that had to be produced. And why shouldn't they? Every craw does it. And every rusty garden door.
– Olaf Rupp