Idiophonics //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Monday, July 21, 2014
Artwork design: 
Ewan Rigg
Mastering engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
Mixing engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
Recording engineer: 
Ola Djupvik
  • 1. Drones & Idiophones (10:59)
  • 2. Cage Monkey (04:40)
  • 3. Arpeggios (11:58)
  • 4. Tumble (05:39)
  • 5. ABC (03:28)
  • 6. Open at the Close (03:58)

Acoustic Drum Set – Ola Djupvik

Idiophonics is the solo music of Norwegian drummer and composer Ola Djupvik (b. 1993). Recorded and performed without loops, overlays or other technological aid, Djupvik seeks to explore the human element and its possibilities and limitations by creating music that is both physically challenging for the performer and the listener's perception of time. Idiophonics mixes elements from European free improvisation, minimalism and contemporary composers like John Cage and Morton Feldman into six spontaneous compositions for the acoustic drum set.