Imagine Sound Imagine Silence //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Sauna Studio
Recording date: 
Sunday, June 30, 2013
Artwork design: 
Jonas Del Pin Hamilton
Artwork design: 
Kristoffer Juel Poulsen
Artwork design: 
Sven Dam Meinild
Mastering engineer: 
Teis Frandsen
Mixing engineer: 
Teis Frandsen
Sven Dam Meinild
Tomasz Dabrowski
Recording engineer: 
Mads Brinch Nielsen
  • 1. 4 Is 2 Tight (05:53)
  • 2. Lotus (08:31)
  • 3. Even Play It (06:40)
  • 4. Soundclip 45 (04:35)
  • 5. US 12 (07:20)
  • 6. I'll Repeat Only Twice (05:51)
  • 7. Horn Made (08:00)
  • 8. 7 Days To Go (07:12)
  • 9. Meditation (On A Visit From France) (03:25)

Ocean Fanfare is the name of an international quartet consisting of Tomasz Dąbrowski (trp), Sven Dam Meinild (sax), Richard Andersson (bs) and Tyshawn Sorey (drm). Together they created the record "Imagine Sound Imagine Silence", which is released on Barefoot Records March 30. On the record they explore the interaction between the rock solid rhythm section and abstract and evocative melodies. Without ever completely leaving the jazz ocean they set to the edge of what modern jazz sounds like in the new millennium.

The Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dąbrowski, who already have many albums as bandleader on his conscience, has developed his own personal sound on the trumpet. In Ocean Fanfare he creates, with Sven Dam Meinild on saxophone, a horn section that alternates from the euphoric to the dark melancholy. Danish Richard Andersson is known as a bass player with a solid grip on the jazz tradition, but also the will and the courage to point forward. Along with the American multi-talented Tyshawn Sorey on drums, they create both a raw swing and a free energetic drive. Tyshawn Sorey is a rising star on the international jazz scene. His numerous collaborations include among others Vijay Iyer, Steve Coleman, Dave Douglas, Steve Lehman and John Zorn.

Ocean Fanfare was formed in connection with Tomasz Dąbrowski received the award as “Funen jazz musician of the year 2012”. Richard Andersson received the same award in 2010.