Three //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Magnus Nyström
Executive producer: 
Patric Thorman
Mastering engineer: 
Johannes Lundberg
Mixing engineer: 
Johannes Lundberg
Nina de Heney
Recording engineer: 
Johannes Lundberg
  • 1. Cerebella Hill (07:06)
  • 2. Eardrums Peak (05:57)
  • 3. Liberal Cell: Mine (11:05)
  • 4. Sung As Mojo Nuns (09:54)
  • 5. Miracle Bell Line (05:38)
  • 6. Karma Deer Up (11:26)
  • 7. Drama Peruke (09:18)
  • 8. Rev Dong Lick (05:37)
  • 9. Brilliance Ell (10:45)
  • 10. Crab Lime Line (09:37)
  • 11. Label Recline (05:15)

I always thought that playing bass was a way for me to dance without being seen as a dancer.

It takes two to dance tango.....but in this third solo album, besides being the dancer behind the bass, I wanted to dance WITH the room. The room itself became, during those two recording nights, an invisible but vibrating and dancing entity, guiding the music, by the way it responded to every single sound that came out of the bass.

Those two nights were two nights of fever : the dance was at times just as much a struggle to keep myself upright, my body was weakened ; but magically, the room itself made my spirit catch fire ; the room put a spell on me. It very much felt as if we were three.

THREE became my extended body.: dancing, danced with, within, and around.
- Nina de Heney